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Avatar | 21st July 2018

I started out making bread five years ago because I wanted to see if I could produce a loaf better than what I could buy in the shops. I wanted a loaf that had no added sugar or preservatives and I wanted the bread to have the wholesome goodness that I believe should be in a truly great bread.

I’m truly passionate about baking the best bread that I can. I am constantly learning new techniques and styles, I like to research all of the aspects of the baking process from the equipment, ingredients, cooking methods, and most importantly the kneading.

I am originally from the United Kingdom, I migrated to Australia eight years ago and settled in Perth which is in Western Australia. Perth has very hot dry summers and wet winters so adjusting the bake is important between the seasons for consistent results.

I started using a Weber ‘Q’ gas BBQ because I found the oven in the house I was living in was difficult to cook with because it burnt things and the temperature accuracy was poor.

I found that the BBQ delivered consistent results and it can be brought to temperature much faster than an average electric home oven. The BBQ has a much higher heat range than most domestic ovens and it can cook things in a shorter time span.

One of my favourite bread bakes are bagels as they were quite a challenge to master with the many steps to get them to taste and look great with a chewy centre. For me to improve the  bagels took a lot of research and many attempts to perfect all their specific aspects. I love to make Italian breads too, Focaccia and Pane Italiano bread rolls are among my favourites. I have a real passion to make the perfect Italian pizza too. I have a process that can produce a fantastic pizza that would be highly regarded. I don’t think you can ever stop learning new things when baking bread. I have found that the more you research the more things you uncover giving you new information to help improve your baking skills.

One of my other interests is photography, I am really interested in close up photography (macro). I think that photography along with my passion for baking bread works hand in hand allowing me to share what I have learnt from both skills. 

I created this web site to help new bakers and more seasoned bakers too. I plan to show many aspects of the process from equipment reviews, amazing breads, tricks and tips, and a whole lot of other things too. Hopefully you will enjoy my bakes along with my photos and many other projects which I hope will inspire you too.

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